Join the Kew Gardens CSA

The Kew Gardens CSA is open for the 2020 Summer/Fall CSA season. Our partners at Garden of Eve Organic Farm offer the following shares: Veggies, Fruit, Eggs, Flowers, Cheese, Bread, Meat and Beer. Information and signups are at their website.

CSA pickups take place on Sunday mornings, from 8:30 to 11:00am, at the Kew Gardens Cinemas Park. Members can purchase weekly or biweekly shares. The CSA season consists of 24 weeks, from June 14th through November 22nd.

SPECIAL COVID-19 RESPONSE: Many people are joining CSAs at this time because they want more options: far fewer people handle your food versus supermarkets; it is a dependable stream for food in a fragile food chain; farm food is healthy and helps build the immune system; knowing where your food comes from helps build trust.

We are adapting to the current crisis. Our shares are pre-packaged at the farm in bags with members’ names, so you can grab and go. No one else touches your food. On site, we wear masks and gloves and have sanitizer, and we observe social distancing. Our surplus goes to those in need during this crisis.

Our volunteer requirement is being relaxed and rethought for the duration of the crisis; we are looking for other ways for members to participate.


You can sign up for weekly pickups or, as many members do, for biweekly shares.

Garden of Eve Organic Farm offers extended payment plans and the CSA provides limited financial support in subsidized shares and through a loan program to attract a wider membership. If you are interested and think cost is an issue because you are impacted by the economy, please contact us at kewgardenscsa@gmail.com


Thanks to our wonderful members and to our partners at Garden of Eve Organic Farm on Long Island. And, as always,  we thank the Kew Gardens Cinemas for letting us set up in the park.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for communities to buy high quality, fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers. A farmer offers farm shares to the public. Shares usually include 7-10 types of vegetables, enough for a family of 2-3 people, with add-on options for other items like fruits and eggs. Interested members purchase a seasonal subscription in advance allowing the farmer to pay for seed, equipment, etc. up front. Hence the “community-supported” part of CSA. 

Throughout the season, members receive a box of seasonal produce straight from the farm. By developing a relationship with the farmer who grows our food, we learn where it comes from, how it is grown, and we know and trust the source. Members are exposed to new vegetables and to new ways of cooking. 

There are over 120 CSAs in NYC. They are community-based and volunteer-powered, with decisions made by a Core Group of dedicated members.

“Know your farmer, know your food.”

Check out Just Food for more info about CSAs in NYC. Use their Value-Chain Map to find a CSA in your area.

The Kew Gardens CSA is a member of the  JUST FOOD CSA NETWORK