Winter 17-18 Member Satisfaction Survey

We’re pleased to announce the results of our Winter 17-18 Member Satisfaction Survey:

We received 9 responses.

How satisfied are you with the Kew Gardens CSA Winter Share?

– 33.3% were extremely satisfied
– 55.6% were satisfied
– 11.1% were neutral

How satisfied are you with the farm (Garden of Eve)?

– 55.6% were extremely satisfied
– 22.2% were satisfied
– 22.2% were neutral

Would you sign up for the Winter Share next year?

– 55.6% responded YES
– 33.3% responded maybe
– 11.1% responded no

Do you plan on signing up for the 2018 Summer/Fall Share?

– 44.4% responded YES
– 33.3% responded that they had already signed up (can’t wait!)
– 22.2% responded no




Have further thoughts, impressions or suggestions to share in relation to your Winter CSA experience? — you’re welcome to share on our Kew Gardens CSA Facebook members group.

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