End of our CSA Winter Share

This Sunday concluded our first Winter CSA season.  Special thanks and due recognition to Nelson Gerena, our Winter CSA Coordinator, who kept things going in the mostly chilly weather.


The last Garden of Eve Winter vegetable share included: three dozen eggs, spinach, pea shoots, leeks, scallions, kale, Claytonia baby lettuce, broccolini, Minutina winter greens, chives, baking potatoes, spinach and carrots.


Sorry you missed out? — SIGNUPS ARE STILL OPEN for the 2018 Summer/Fall CSA season.

Please join us for our second year of farm fresh vegetables, eggs, fruit, bread, cheese, meat, flowers and craft beer. Pick up weekly or every other week at the Kew Gardens Cinemas park on Sunday mornings.

  • More info at www.kewgardenscsa.org
  • Email questions to — kewgardenscsa@gmail.com
  • Or visit the website of Garden of Eve Organic Farm and see your share options. www.gardenofevefarm.com (Select location: “Kew Gardens Sunday”)

February News


Check out past blog posts here.

Here is the latest KGCSA news:

  • SIGNUPS ARE OPEN for the Summer/Fall 2018 season. Go to the website for our partners at Garden of Eve Organic Farm. Returning members get an early bird discount if you use the special code in your member email (or contact us).
  • The monthly WINTER CSA pickup is set for Sunday 2/4 at the Kew Gardens Cinemas Park.

    Garden of Eve sent their email to all Winter members earlier this week with what we can expect to find in our box. Remember there are three somewhat different shares for Winter: the Garden of Eve Share; the Vegan share; and the Market share. After that you have choices of cheese, eggs, meat, bread, etc. So, depending on your selection, you might see: Eggs, carrots, white potatoes, purple radishes, Daikon radish, parsnips, kohlrabi, garlic; granola, kimchi, maple syrup….If you are interested in joining the Winter CSA (at a pro-rated price) you are encouraged to contact the farmers. We would love to have you as a member and there are good things coming in March, April, and May.

  • Tip: Ever wonder how to break down a wax box? Here is an instructional video.


  • A reminder that Garden of Eve Organic Farm has a booth at the Forest Hills greenmarket, which is one of the few year-round markets (lucky us!). Garden of Eve Farm is the ONLY certified-organic farm at FH greenmarket. You can always check the QUEENS GREENMARKETS Facebook page for timely posts that tell you which vendors are actually there each Sunday. Greenmarkets are organized by grownyc.org


  • Save the Date: As you may know, the 120+ CSAs in NYC are organized by Just Food, which has just announced that their 2018 Conference will take place on MARCH 25. The theme for 2018 is: “Persist! Resist!” The conference basically consists of large group events in an auditorium and then a whole series of panels which you can select based on your interests. The 2018 panels are just being set. More to report next month….
  • Looking Ahead: We hope to have a Meet ‘N’ Greet with the farmers prior to the beginning of the Summer season (perhaps May?). Last year we did not, as we started late, but we think it would have helped. Know Your farmer, Know your food.

So what is going on in February that might be of interest? Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day. Probably a slew of birthdays. And only 28 days!

Post edited by Kevin B.
Kew Gardens Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
email: kewgardenscsa@gmail.com


Winter on the farm

Winter on the farm is a chance to savor winter squash and some greenhouse greens.

Winter shares consist of a pre-boxed, once-a-month pickup from December through May

Garden of Eve” share includes produce and eggs grown at Garden of Eve. A VEGAN option which replaces eggs with locally grown (non-organic) apples is also available. The Garden of Eve Winter Share is $330 ($55/month for 6 months).

  • FALL (Dec-Jan) may include our own fresh organic field-grown greens such as kale, collards, Swiss chard, and Brussels sprouts, as well as some stored items such as beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, cabbage, celeriac, daikon, onions, garlic, and winter squash.
  • WINTER (Feb-March) may include mainly stored items such as beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, celeriac, and garlic, and butternut winter squash.
  • SPRING (April-May) may include our own fresh greenhouse and field grown delicacies such as mesclun lettuce and cooking greens, such as baby kale, mizuna, mustards, bok choi, Swiss chard, etc.