What kind of vegetables can I expect?

Check out the list of past distributions here.

Is the food organic?

Garden of Eve Farm is certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association of New York (NOFA-NY). Food grown on the farm and distributed by the CSA is certified-organic, including fruit grown on the farm (berries, melons). It is important to note that SOME FRUIT distributed by CSA MAY NOT BE ORGANIC, due to challenges of growing fruit in this region.It would be “low-spray.” Be assured the farm sources fruit from farmers it knows and trusts.

How does the volunteer shift work?

CSA members are required to give time–less than 4 hours–at pickup to help set up, check members in, and close up. We will have a system for members to select dates that they prefer to work.

Is there a membership fee?

A $15 membership fee helps us pay for general operating expenses such as tables, a canopy, supplies, promotional materials, and other incidental expenses. NEW IN 2019: After you sign up with the farm (they will charge a $10 admin fee of their own to cover their incidental, CSA-related expenses) you will receive a welcome letter explaining that you can pay the KGCSA Membership Fee before or at the first pickup.

What if I feel I cannot afford it? Is there help?

The farm offers a range of plans at various prices. And, it offers an extended payment plan of three payments over three months.

The KGCSA has a Scholarship/Subsidy program. The Core Group, through the generosity of the farm, sets aside a limited number of biweekly shares of vegetables which we assign to members who might not otherwise be able to join. If you think this might be right for you, please contact us by email and you will receive information on criteria and the application process. Confidentiality is assured. Talk to us, please.

Be sure to check our Members Options page for more information on the KGCSA Scholarship/Subsidized Shares program.

FOR 2019: We are working on getting SNAP and we have applied for a grant for a revolving loan program to help members who cannot pay the full amount at the beginning of the season.

Will I get help with all this food–how to cook, etc.?

Members can share recipes and tips during the lively discussions at our distribution site as well as in our KGCSA Members Facebook Group. The farm provides recipes in its weekly newsletter and you are encouraged to join the Garden of Eve Organic Farm members Fb group as well. And, we will provide important information on storing and preserving your share—as these veggies do not have chemicals!

Will I meet the farmer(s)?

We hope so, and we will try to make that happen. The CSA held a Farmer Meet ‘N’ Greet event in Kew Gardens in April, 2018 and we all learned so much. And, we encourage members to visit the farm for any of their special events. Chris & Eve want to know who they grow for, so you never know who may drive the truck in.

What kind of events does the farm have?

Garden of Eve Organic Farm has many events daily and weekly throughout the growing season, including TomatoFest and their legendary  Garlic Festival which takes place in the Fall. Try their garlic ice cream!


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