Membership Options for 2021

Season Details

The first pickup is Sunday, June 13, 2021 and ends Sunday, November 21. Summer/Fall 2021 pickups take place on Sunday mornings, from 8:00am to 11:00am, at the Kew Gardens Cinemas Park (on Austin St just off Lefferts Blvd).

Sign up for a weekly share (24 distributions every Sunday) or biweekly (12 distributions on every other Sunday, A or B week).

  • Cheese distributions are biweekly on A weeks ONLY. 
  • BEER share distributions are MONTHLY on A weeks ONLY. 
  • We are no longer offering BREAD or MEAT shares
  • Members can also shop at the Garden of Eve webstore for additional items.

A/B WEEK SCHEDULE: The distribution dates for the 2021 season are:

  • Sunday, A week: Jun 13, 27 (Beer), Jul 11, 25(Beer), Aug 8, 22(Beer), Sep 5, 19(Beer), Oct 3, 17(Beer), 31, Nov 14(Beer)
  • Sunday, B Week: Jun 20, Jul 4, 18, Aug 1, 15, 29, Sep 12, 26, Oct 10, 24, Nov 7, 21

Customize your share to fit your needs and schedule!

Here is a brief description of your share choices. Be sure to consult the complete information on each share at the Garden of Eve website as you make your choices. If you have questions about anything, ask us or the farm.

Everybody starts out with an obligatory vegetable share of any kind listed below. To this they can add on a variety of options including a Fruit Share (Weekly or Bi-Weekly), Egg Share (Weekly or Bi-Weekly), Sunflower Share, Cheese Share (Bi-Weekly A Week Only) and Craft Beer (Bi-Weekly A Week Only). Further details can be found on the Farmigo signup page.

Vegetable Weekly Share
$29.38 / 24 Distributions = 705.12 / season.
7-9 vegetable and herb items per week, includes enough vegetables for two large vegetarian meals per week, for a family – or sides for the whole week.

Vegetable Biweekly Share
$32.09 / 12 distributions on A week OR B week = $385.08
7-9 vegetable and herb items per pick up, includes enough vegetables for two large vegetarian meals per week, for a family – or sides for the whole week.

COMBO weekly (Vegetables ,Fruit, Flower, Eggs)
$51.88 / 24 Distributions = $1245.12 / season.
Full Share Combo is one share of: Veg, Fruit, Flowers and Eggs every week: at $25 off the price of purchasing them separately.

COMBO Biweekly (Vegetables, Fruit, Flower, Eggs)
$56.25 / 12 distributions on A week OR B week = $675 / season
The Biweekly Combo responds for POPULAR DEMAND for a little bit of everything at a reasonable price. It includes a biweekly share of veg, fruit, flowers and eggs at $10 off the total price of the shares if purchased separately

Vegeholic Weekly Share (2x Veg!)
$53.13 / week / 24 Distributions = $1275.12 / season
Get double the vegetables of the weekly vegetable share, for less than twice the price! Price is $100 less than the cost of two weekly vegetable shares. If you find yourself running out of veggies after a few days with our regular weekly share, are a big juicer, raw foodist, or paleo-dieter, this is the solution for you!

This share should last you the whole week, for veggie meals every day or extensive juicing. It will be approximately 5-6 bunches of greens per week and 15-20 lbs additional vegetables. It will be a LOT of vegetables at some points in the season, please take this into account!

Vegeholic Biweekly Share (2x Vegetable)
$60.00 / 12 distributions on A week or B week = $720 / season

Veg Personal Size Share – Weekly only
$21.46 / 24 distributions = $515.04 / Season
This is perfect for a single person or a couple on the go who still want to enjoy a small amount of weekly, fresh vegetables. Will contain 5-6 organic vegetable items per week (for example, 1 bunch greens, 1 head lettuce, 1 bag potatoes, 1 bunch carrots). Enough for 2 meals or sides for several meals.

$32.31 / 14 distributions = $452.34 / season


Many people are joining CSAs at this time because they want more options: far fewer people handle your food versus supermarkets; it is a dependable stream for food in a fragile food chain; farm food is healthy and helps build the immune system; knowing where your food comes from helps build trust.

We are adapting to the current crisis. Our shares are pre-packaged at the farm in bags with members’ names, so you can grab and go. No one else touches your food. On site, we wear masks, provide sanitizer, and everyone observes social distancing.

Fall CSA – starts after Labor Day

Winter CSA – Starts in December

CSA Share Photo