Membership Options for 2020

Season Details

Pickups begin on Sunday, June 14, 2020 and end on Sunday November 22, 2020……….24 weekly pickups.

Biweekly shares pick up every other week (12 pickups). You will be on either A or B week schedules. “A Week” schedule starts the first week of the season; “B Week” schedule starts on the second Sunday. Use the new dropdown feature to select your weekly schedule. Important: Members who purchase Meat, Beer, Bread, and/or Cheese shares need to be on the A week schedule. Be sure to select that dropdown.

Members have the option of three “vacation holds.”  If you plan to be away, we will accommodate. Your share will be on Hold and it will arrive at your next pickup along with your regularly scheduled share.

Members can also shop at the Garden of Eve webstore for additional items.

Customize your share to fit your needs and schedule!

Here is a brief description of your share choices. Be sure to consult the complete information on each share at the Garden of Eve website as you make your choices. If you have questions about anything, ask us or the farm.

Vegetable ShareEveryone buys a vegetable share. Includes 7-9 items per week…$29.17/pickup$655/season, weekly pickups; $350/season, biweekly pickups.

Fruit Share: Twenty-four weeks of healthy, delicious fruit; organic if grown on Garden of Eve Farm (berries, melons); Sometimes NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC if sourced elsewhere, but ethically-grown. $13.75/pickup…[See farm website for complete info.]

Egg Share: ONE DOZEN eggs from pastured, free-range  hens, fed organic feed and no hormone or antibiotics….$6.67/dozen$160/season, Weekly; $80/season, Biweekly. [Note: If you want more than one dozen per pickup, sign up for more than one egg share.]

Sunflower Share: TEN WEEKS, beginning in July. Includes one nice-sized bunch of Sunflowers per distribution, sometimes mixed with other flowers such as zinnia ….$90/season, weekly; $50/season, biweekly.

Beer Share: Six MONTHLY pickups of one “growler” brewed on the Garden of Eve Farm Brewery….$23.34/growler$140/Season (6).

Meat Share: Six MONTHLY pickups. A variety of Garden of Eve raised chicken; beef from grassfed herds; pork/lamb; duck/fish. [See farm website for complete info.] $50/pickup …. $300/season  (6).

Cheese & Dairy Share: Biweekly pickups of “a rotating selection of seasonally available cheese and milk products  from North Fork (L.I.) dairies as well as some natural grassfed dairies in upstate NY” $16.67/pickup ….$200/season (12).

Bread Share: Biweekly pickups of a fresh-baked loaf, varied kinds. $6.69/pickup $80/season.(12).

*Combo Share: Weekly Combo: A  combined vegetables, eggs, fruit, flower shares at $25 off the total cost of the shares if purchased separately….Biweekly ComboA little bit of everything at a reasonable price. Includes VEG, FRUIT, FLOWERS, EGGS at $10 off the total price of the shares if purchased seperately.

*Vegeholic Share: A DOUBLE vegetable share at a deep discount. For big families and juicers! Weekly Vegeholic :Cost: $1200 for 24 weekly pick-ups – a $110 DISCOUNT off the cost of two vegetable shares ($48.34 per week); Biweekly Vegeholic: $635 for 12 bi-weekly pick-ups – a $35 DISCOUNT off the cost of two biweekly vegetable shares ($52.92/week)

Fall CSA – starts after Labor Day

Winter CSA – Starts in December

CSA Share Photo