QBG/Food Scraps Drop-Off (FSDO)

NEWS: We have been informed by Big Reuse, the group that drops off and picks up our bins, that they will NOT be working on Sunday December 26, 2021. So there will NOT be a FSDO at the Kew Gardens site that day. We will post and inform our neighbors ahead of time. There WILL be a FSDO on Sunday 1/2/2022. (posted 11/29/2021)

NEWS: Bagging leaves is a good, green practice. However, the KG FSDO site cannot accept bags of leaves. Please refer to the nyc.gov site for advice on leaf pickup. In Queens, they advise: Set out leaves curbside in paper lawn and leaf bags or unlined bins after 4 PM on Saturday, December 11, 2021.

NEWS: We are expanding our hours of operation. Staring on September 12, we are open from 8:30 to 11:30. We hope that extra hour helps!

In the event of inclement weather, we will post open/closed information here and also on the Kew Gardens CSA Fb page.

Big Thanks to Queens Botanical Garden for organizing sites across the borough; DSNY for materials, services; Kew Gardens Cinemas for sponsoring; And neighbors for encouragement.

Report for June: Please pick up the informative materials on the QBG table. Their website has useful info and why not become a member of Queens Botanical Garden? Join.

Report for July: We are happy to say that we have a very dedicated group of neighbors who care. It is great to see the same faces and to get to know you.

We now have two large bins replacing the smaller ones we started with. And we have a washing station—water and wipes to get that grit off your hands when you rip open the bags.

We are encouraging people to sign up for the monthly newsletter and we are setting up volunteer opportunities.

Everyone is getting to know Jasmine, the composting expert from Queens Botanical Garden. She will answer our questions and guide us further into composting. And Ron, who has been there from the start, keeps us going.

Coming: Compost Giveback: August 8.

Report for October: We now have THREE large bins. Our record is 81 neighbors dropping off. We are so grateful that scrappers are stepping up to volunteer: Jason, Ting, Brigitte and Marilyn so far. THX so much. To volunteer, email kewgardenscsa@cblosser

Save the Date: Compost Giveback—November 7.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I store my scraps in a compostable bag which I purchase. Why can’t I drop that bag into the bin along with my scraps?Answer: We discourage that practice because while it is a good move, the compost bags will break down more slowly than the food scraps and so are not appropriate for this project. But thx anyway and we encourage the use of those bags.

Question: Where does the compost go after it leaves the KG site?

Answer: The bins go to a facility in Highbridge in the Bronx for processing.

Question: Can we bring bags of leaves?

Answer: No. While bagging leaves for pickup and composting is a good, green practice, we cannot accept bags of leaves at our FSDO. Accepting large bags of leaves does not fall within our mission. Please refer to the DSNY website for day/date for putting leaves by the curb. In Queens, they advise: Set out leaves curbside in paper lawn and leaf bags or unlined bins after 4 PM on Saturday, December 11, 2021.